Caregiver Shower Rod

Caregiver Shower Rod

Allow the Caregiver Shower Rod by CSI Bathware to transform your patient or in-home bathing routine.  The breakaway shower rod is designed to allow wheelchair or overhead lift entry by swinging open out of the way.  Secured with spring-loaded locking finials, the Caregiver Shower Rod maintains secure closure to prevent water from escaping the shower and keeping the caregiver dry.  Install at normal shower curtain or waist height for a positive bathing experience.


The Caregiver Shower Rod by CSI Bathware is designed to create a positive bathing experience for patients and caregivers alike. The unique breakaway design opens in the middle of the shower rod allowing for a wheelchair or overhead lift to pass through. The locking finials ensure that the shower rod stays securely closed to maintain a water free barrier and prevent water from reaching the floor. The double hinged rod can be hung at normal shower curtain height for multi-ability use and swung open when necessary to allow an overhead lift to be utilized. It can also be hung at waist height for easy reach in bathing a seated person. Conveniently sized locking finials allow for standard shower hooks to easily slide along the entire length of the rod for single curtain use or for overlap when multiple curtains are used.

The Caregiver Rod can also be used outside the bathroom as a curtain rod over french doors or a room divider for a home office or bedroom. The double hinged ends and breakaway middle allow the rod to open inconjunction with french doors or to close off a case-opening with no doors to create a separate space. The locking finials provide additional support to handle heavy-duty curtains with ease.

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