Folding Shower Seat, 4 Swing Down Legs, Rectangle

Folding Shower Seat, 4 Swing Down Legs, Rectangle

Our Rectangle Folding Shower Seat with 4 Swing Down Legs is a shower bench that provides sturdy, comfortable support and easily folds against the wall when not in use.  This ADA compliant shower seat can support up to 700 lbs when properly installed and features four (4) stainless steel height adjustable swing down legs, two 3” heavy-gauge stainless steel flanges for added stability and is available in several sizes and styles.


  • White
  • Teak
  • Wood


  • 22″ x 15″
  • 22″ x 16″
  • 26″ x 18″
  • 27″ x 16″
  • 28″ x 16″
  • 32″ x 16″


  • Rectangle


  • 4 Swing Down Legs
  • Folding


  • Padded Top
  • Phenolic SLATTED Top
  • Wood Phenolic SLATTED Top
  • Teak SLAT Top
  • Solid Phenolic SLOTTED Top
  • White Top


Download Installation GuideRectangle Folding Shower Seat, Swing Down Legs Spec Sheet

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Five Stars

Julie from Dixon, CA


“It’s very sturdy and a great size. I’m looking forward to using it soon. “

Five Stars

Everett from Fairfield, IA


“Installed in a dormitory handicapped shower. Sturdy. “

Five Stars

DANIEL from Fullerton, CA


“I have used this shower seat for 8 months now, and like it better every time I use it. I weight 390 lbs and have very bad knees, and this bench allows me to take a longer shower than if I was standing. It sheds water, and shows no sign of corrosion. The only drawback for me is the height – I’m 6’7″, so the standard ADA height is a little low. I had this installed during our bathroom remodel, and the contractor said it was one of the easiest benches to install that he’s even done.”

Five Stars

Alex in Springfield


“This is the one. Great chair. 4 legs is the way to go for dependable sturdiness. The only complaint I have is the instruction online. Now it more than likely the way I read the instructions. You have to re-enforce the wall behind the shower surround. The way I read was seat was at 17″. That is true. The flange that is installed to the surround and wall behind is at about 14″ from the bottom, give or take depending on your setup. So keep that in mind. Don’t get ahead of yourself like I did. I’ll take the blame as this is truly every bit worth the money. I tried another seat so trust me when I tell you, stick with CSI products. Use a bench with 4 legs. It is about safety, not looks. No matter what, you have to re-enforce the wall behind your surround. There is no getting past this. These products, I believe work better with new builds as well as re-models. Great seat, installs easy, is easy to level and most of all feels durable enough to plop down in after a hard day or to install for your elderly parent or loved one. Seriously, stick with this company and their products. They are made right!”

Five Stars

Amazon User


“Excellent & secure folding shower seat. Possibly the best purchase I’ve made on Amazon. This bench attaches to the wall, but it feels entirely secure because it has 4 supporting legs when folded down. The size I picked turned out to be be perfect for a somewhat small shower stall, particularly because it folds up close to the wall when not in use. It doesn’t require significant strength to fold it up and down and remains clean, comfortable and secure after at least a month of use.”

Five Stars

Carol B.


“Perfect choice. I chose this seat for renovating my only bathroom. As a Senior, having had 3 joint replacements, I already knew the value of have a shower chair. The fact that this chair is not only mounted to the wall by also had four legs makes it super stable. Being able to lift it out of the way is a plus, and the measurements and weight capacity of the seat assures I can sit safely when I need to. “

Five Stars

B. Beran


“Very nice ADA shower seat. Easy to install, very stable, and looks pretty good. I would highly recommend this for anyone looking to add a shower seat and needs it to fold out of the way when not being used. “

Five Stars

Jeannie Jaros


” I’m unfamiliar with any product like this that’s so perfect for the shower. First it mounts to the wall providing safety and comfortable. Second it flips up so it’s out of the way if needed. It’s stainless steel so it durable. I wish I would have had this long before I needed it. Worth every penny.”

Five Stars

Lloyd P.


“Nice bench and appears to be strong. Could use longer feet bolts to accommodate people over 5 ft 5 in. I had to alter to get it taller.”

Five Stars

Amazon User


“PERFECT IN EVERY SENSE ! Very happy and satisfied with the chair ! Just perfect in terms of functionality, safety, quality, bathroom ergonomics and hygiene. The best around. Several of my friends are also very happy with this wonderful product.”

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